Alpro Plant Power

Alpro Almond Original

Original and Best. Lightly roasted Mediterranean almonds and water are blended together in our delicious Almond Original. Simply perfect on cereal, in tea, coffee and smoothies or just on its own.

Alpro Coconut Original

Love our Coconut Original so much you always want one in the cupboard? Then why not try our Coconut long life drink. With only 40 calories per glass and no added sugars* it will add a tropical twist to your day! Pop it in the fridge before use for maximum refreshment. *no added sugars, contains naturally occurring sugars.

Alpro Soya Original

Alpro soya original is full of the plant-based goodness of high quality soya beans, milled and blended until deliciously smooth and creamy. Its subtle sweet taste is a great way to start your day - brighten up your breakfast by pouring it onto cereal, into your morning cuppa or even in your latest baking creation!

Alpro Almond Unsweetened

No frills, just the understated and refined taste of roasted almonds. This drink has got ‘cosy’ written all over it. Comforting and full of nuttiness, like a hug in a cereal bowl. Its delicate roasted taste makes it the perfect match with fresh fruits and loves chocolate just as much as we do. Now that’s one amazing drink!

Alpro Coconut Almond

Now you can always have a pack of our refreshing Almond Coconut drink in the cupboard. Combining the tropical refreshment of coconut with the subtle nuttiness of roasted almond, how will you enjoy yours?

Alpro Soya Light

Alpro soya Light gives you all the plant-based goodness of our original soya - but with just 27 calories per 100ml you can relax and enjoy a little bit more of what you love. Brighten up your breakfast by pouring it onto cereal, into your morning cup of tea or coffee or whizzing into a smoothie. Start your day the lighter way!

Alpro Soya Unsweetened

Containing nothing but the pure taste of soya, with no added sugar and certainly no sweeteners, Alpro soya unsweetened gives you yet another deliciously plant-powered option. Great for savoury sauces, soufflés and pancakes – or simply the perfect choice for those of us who are sweet enough already.

Alpro Coconut Chocolate

Tropical coconut blended with the rich smoothness of chocolate - what could be more tempting? Low in fat Alpro Coconut Chocolate drink is one indulgence you can enjoy guilt-free, anywhere, anytime. Refreshingly chilled or the perfect cosy drink when warm. That is surely paradise in a glass.

Alpro Soya Vanilla

Proving soya and vanilla are a truly dynamic duo! Alpro soya vanilla pairs the rich yet subtle flavour of vanilla with the creamy texture of our soya drink. On top of that it contains 30% less sugars than the market references in vanilla flavoured milk drinks. Great on its own, sublime blitzed with banana or poured cold on cereal.