Alpro Plant Power

Alpro Coconut Dessert

Take a lingering Coconut Dessert made from coconuts and soy all to yourself – you deserve it! Any time, any place, this tropical indulgence is the perfect treat.

Alpro Simply Natural Yogurt

With its mild taste and smooth texture our Natural plant-based alternative to yogurt is the perfect blank canvas to start your day. Whilst its delicious on its own, try it topped with fresh fruit & granola.

Alpro Blueberry Yogurt

Tiny berry - Huge taste explosion. Alpro Blueberry pampers you with subtle sweetness and a lot of taste! The mild-sour taste of freshly picked blueberries makes the Alpro soya yogurt alternative irresistible - and this in the natural way. The perfect pleasure!

Alpro Blueberry & Cherry Yogurt

Alpro blueberry & cherry, juicy fruit, combined with the light and creamy texture of our soya alternative to yogurt. Subtly sweet with a touch of sourness, this winning combination is a delicious treat for any occasion.

Alpro Pineapple-Passion fruit & Peach

Whatever the weather, it’s summer every day with this sweet and refreshing foursome. Choose between juicy peach and a delicious blend of pineapple and passion fruit. Combined with the silky texture of our soya alternative to yogurt it becomes a tropical treat.

Provamel Plant-Based Organic Foods

Provamel Bio Soya Natural

Who'd want to improve on what's naturally delicious? Organic soya blended with water. Couldn't be simpler. We don't call our Soya Drink Natural for nothing. Ideal in your cuppa, sauces or in desserts.

Provamel Bio Soya Calcium

From start to finish our Soya-Calcium Drink is packed with goodness. Not only does it taste great, it's packed with high quality protein, and algae that contains calcium. It's a nutritious blend, gently sweetened with apple concentrate. Go on, take a sip.

Provamel Bio Rice

In search of purity? Flip open our Rice Drink. Pamper your tastebuds with the intense flavour of organic rice. unsweetened and refreshing to the very last drop. Irresistible.