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Coombe Castle Mature White Cheddar 200g

Coombe Castle Mature White Cheddar is a real British original: mild, full-bodied taste, just a typical mature cheddar.

Coombe Castle Mild White Cheddar 200g

Coombe Castle Mild White Cheddar is a real British original: Mild in taste, but still a typical cheddar.

Coombe Castle Red Leicester 200g

A long, long time ago in the 18th century Red Leicester was originally made on farms in the county Leicestershire, using surplus milk once all the Blue Stilton had been made. Orange/red in colour, the cheese was given this golden hue with the addition of carrot or beet juice but is now coloured with annatto a natural food colouring from seeds.

Coombe Castle Double Gloucester 200g

Double Gloucester cheese - with its deep orange hue and nutty taste - is perhaps most famous due to a centuries-old event called cheese-rolling: on the last weekend in May every year, men and women chase a wheel of Double Gloucester down Cooper’s Hill in Gloucestershire, England. This spectacular event has been happening almost every year for at least 200 years, and past participants have even included Edward the Explorer. The prize? A wheel of Double Gloucester as big as the one they launch down the hill, fortunately, here at the Castle, we can help you enjoy the cheese without the chase.

Dragon Wales Mature White Cheddar 180g

Dragon Wales' best-selling cheddar, carefully matured to develop a fuller flavour.

Dragon Wales Mild White Cheddar 180g

Typically around 3 months old, smooth and creamy with a distinctive savoury cheddar notes.

Coombe Castle Blue Stilton 150g

Stilton is one of very few cheeses in England to carry a Protected Designation of Origin meaning it can only be called Stilton if its made to a certain recipe in only 3 counties of England. Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Usually eaten at around 10 weeks old, this young cheese carries a mature, smooth and tangy flavour. Its pale complexion and blue veining makes it look older much beyond its 10 weeks.

Coombe Castle Wensleydale with Cranberries KG

This scrumptious cheese tastes just like cherry bakewell tart, a well-known British classic, and afternoon tea favourite. Pulpy sweet cherries gently kiss fresh Wensleydale cheese and promises a traditional taste of British summertime.

Coombe Castle Wensleydale with Apricot KG

Apricot, apricot how sweet you are! Shakespeare always believed apricots were the fruit of love mentioning them in many of his famous poems and sonnets. These juicy fruits are naturally bright orange in colour and are sweet to taste. Wensleydale cheese has fallen for this popular little fruit and they are a marriage made in cheese heaven. One bite and we are sure you will be falling in love too!