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Coombe Castle Morrocan Spice KG

Moroccan Spice Cheese makes us dream of a curious combination of bustling medina's, warm dewy nights, the aromas of fresh spices and the deep moo of British cows! On one of Coombe Castle's many dairy adventures they came across this pungent mix of coriander, turmeric and a few more yummy spices, they immediately knew this would give mild British cheddar a rich, refined taste.

Coombe Castle Fiery Spice KG

Can you handle the heat? A pretty, colourful mix of fiery chilli and peppers give this cheese a flaming kick of heat. With over 200 types of chilli: from the mouth, eye and nose watering to the gentle and flavoursome. We have selected a mix of both these chillies, added them to mild British cheddar to create a chilli cheese with a heated punch of spices. If you like your cheese hot, head to the Castle!

Coombe Castle Mature White Cheddar Block KG

Coombe Castle Mature White Cheddar is a real British original: mild, full-bodied taste, just a typical mature cheddar.

Coombe Castle Mild White Cheddar Block KG

Coombe Castle Mild White Cheddar is a real British original: Mild in taste, but still a typical cheddar.

Coombe Castle Red Leicester Cheddar Block KG

A long, long time ago in the 18th century Red Leicester was originally made on farms in the county Leicestershire, using surplus milk once all the Blue Stilton had been made. Orange/red in colour, the cheese was given this golden hue with the addition of carrot or beet juice but is now coloured with annatto a natural food colouring from seeds.

Coombe Castle Blue Stilton KG

Stilton is one of very few cheeses in England to carry a Protected Designation of Origin meaning it can only be called Stilton if its made to a certain recipe in only 3 counties of England. Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Usually eaten at around 10 weeks old, this young cheese carries a mature, smooth and tangy flavour. Its pale complexion and blue veining makes it look older much beyond its 10 weeks.

Dewlay Mature Grated Cheddar 200g

Mature grated cheddar, packed in reclosable packs for convenience and to keep the product fresh for longer. Ideal for use in sandwiches, cheese on toast and sprinkling over Lasagne.

Dewlay Mild Grated Cheddar 200g

Mild grated cheddar, innovatively packed in reclosable packaging. Convenient for sandwiches, salads and sprinkling over pasta dishes.

St. Helen's Farm Goat's Butter 250g

St Helen’s Farm goats’ butter is made by churning the cream in a large stainless steel vessel, which drains off the buttermilk and thickens the cream. To this, they add a small amount of colouring and salt.

The salt is included to help the flavour and to preserve the butter so that it has a reasonable shelf life once it is made. The butter is then packed in their dairy, where they have a small wrapping machine that forms the butter into their distinctive ‘D’ shaped rolls before wrapping them tightly in foil.

Their goats' butter has won many prizes at dairy shows up and down the country, and has won Gold Stars at the Great Taste Awards ever since 2011.

Indeed, in 2015, the butter was one of a select few to be judged worthy of the 2 Gold Stars at these prestigious awards that attract thousands of entries each year.