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Coombe Castle English Garlic Butter with Chives 70g

Coombe Castle English Garlic Butter with Chives is made with their all-natural butter and a compound mixture of chives, parsley, garlic, fresh herbs and spices. This is completely free of any unnatural preservatives and can bring to life a plate of steamed vegetables, grilled seafood, or add a gourmet touch to a charbroiled steak.

Devon Double Cream 170g

English Double Cream is dessert perfection; if you could bottle big white fluffy clouds in a crystal blue sky, this would be what they taste like. Often used to accompany a slice of pie or fresh fruit, we believe Double Cream is the main event, the head honcho and that really you should be asked what you would like served with your Double Cream. Cook remembers on the family farm when cream was simply scooped from the top of the milk and eaten fresh on the same day! Our Double Cream is milky smooth and dazzling white.

Devon Clotted Cream 170g

To make their treasured cream, milk is gently heated, and over time the cream rises to the top and clots together, hence the name Clotted Cream. These perfectly formed clots of cream are a beautiful pale white colour and taste… creamy perfection! In the castle they like nothing better than to spend time eating warm English scones with strawberry jam and a dollop of Clotted Cream; so British and so utterly delicious. Clotted Cream will be a suitably royal companion to your afternoon!

Devon Clotted Cream with Brandy 170g

A very British tipple, brandy has been a dinner table favourite for hundreds of years, often sipped after dinner by miners to bankers to politicians and even a prime minister or two! Brandy brings to Clotted Cream, what sunshine brings to summer: warmth and happiness.